Welcome to Nine Muses Yoga where the mission is to help you feel strong, empowered and inspired.   If you’re feeling uninspired and want to reconnect your brain with your heart and reignite the creative fire within then you’ll want to join me for a private session.
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Hi Friends! I am thrilled to share with you my tour page for my upcoming retreat on the island of Lesvos in Greece! The retreat is May 5-10, 2018.

When you check out the page you’ll see that the trip is packed with a variety of activities, not just yoga. We’ll be exploring the island, eating traditional Greek meals and even volunteering. Plus, if you attend my class on the retreat we’ll be exploring yoga + creativity. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself spontaneously dancing in the middle of class!

So grab your favorite travel buddy and join me in Greece. It’s going to be a fun adventure you won’t want to miss!


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